Flip Goal

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Step onto the soccer field and get ready to score epic goals in Flip Goal! This exciting and addictive sports game will put your flicking skills to the test as you aim to hit the target with pinpoint accuracy.

Flip Goal offers a unique gameplay experience, combining soccer with the challenge of physics-based puzzles. Swipe to kick the ball and navigate it through tricky obstacles, bending it around walls and avoiding traps to reach the goal.

With its simple controls and engaging levels, Flip Goal is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Progress through increasingly difficult stages and unlock new balls with exciting designs as you showcase your mastery of the game.

Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode or compete against yourself in solo play, aiming to achieve the perfect flip and score top points.

So, put on your soccer boots and get ready to flip, kick, and score in Flip Goal! Can you become the ultimate flicking champion? Start your soccer journey now!



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